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Open Your Path 7 Days Bath.

This product is designed to balance all your chackras with sacred herbs. Count on them for connection with spirit,  protection, abundance, love, health and overall well being. 

Use 100ml per day after your regular shower routine. Pour some in your front and some in your back. If you want to add some hot water to the mix, it is ok. Work with the water element to take away what does not belong with you and keep what is essential for your life in order to succeed!


  • Several herbs have been infused to create this bath.
    They are all sacred and gracefully giving their essence so you can open your path.
    The herbs are: Mint, Rosemary, Boldo, Aroeira, Eucalyptus, Levante ( Mentha Viridis), Guine (Petiveria Tetranda), Open your Path (Lygodium Volubile), Bay Leaves & Rue.
    These herbs are designed to balance chakras and promote prosperity.
    Please use about 100ml a day for 7 days straight.
    You can pour directly on your body (front and back, use a cup or small bucket) after you are done with your regular shower/bath routine. If you would like to mix with some warm water, it is fine, however, keep in mind that you are inviting the healing powers of these herbs and want to keep the formula as concentrated as possible. Hold in your heart that whatever does not belong with you is being washed down the drain. Namaste!
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