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SexySacredSensualYou Kit!
Comprised of Rose Candle, Lavender Salt Scrub and Massage Oil!

SexySacredSensualYou Kit

  • 8 Oz Soy Rose Candle with Rose Petals and high grade essential oils.
    Inviting you to open your heart, love yourself, forgive and set yourself free.
    8 Oz Salt Body Scrub with Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Lavender Buds, Pink Himalayan Pink Salt, Vitamin E, high grade Essential Oil.
    Inviting you to breath, relax & exfoliate so your skin is smooth and supple.
    8 Oz Massage Oil: Sweet Almond Oil & these essential Oils:
    - Rose - Heart Opener
    - Lavender - Nurturer
    - Frankincense - Amplify third Eye Connection
    - Jasmine - Embrace your body and Feel Sexy
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