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How I started

I am from Brazil, where  aromatherapy and homeopathic products  are widely embraced as a form of healing.

Recently, I was gifted with an opportunity to reinvent myself. I had to  figure out what I really wanted to do and how I could contribute to the community.

As my personal journey of self knowledge deepened, my relationship to plants and herbs also increased, inspiring me to apply them creatively.


So, Primitiva Botanicals was born out of a desire to hand craft 100% Organic articles. They are intended to promote well being for the body, mind and soul.


My vision is to honor ancient traditions  and their cultures, by fusing them harmoniously into practical products that are beneficial for modern living.

The items I am offering are energized with love.


Many blessings!







I would like to thank Carmelita Maria, my mother, who has an incredible green thumb and have always cultivated gardens filled with herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables.



Star Seeded Shop & Primitiva is here for the Community

Primitiva's product line is expanding.


I have been procuring local resources, like candle containers and some organic ingredients, in order to support local businesses and keep Primitiva's products affordable.


A lot of thought is being put into packaging.

While trying to showcase the product and present an eye pleaser, packaging is being kept to a minimum.


Primitiva embraces Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, so whenever possible, the use of plastic is avoided.

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